Tribute to Steampunk…Sorta

So this weekend I’ll be at the Gaslight Gathering! San Diego’s first steampunk convention! I’m quite excited about this mainly because I will be belly dancing at the con all day Saturday. Okay well, Maybe excited is not the right term. Lets go for more “OH MY GOD I HAVE NO COORDINATION!” nervousness instead. That’s more appropriate. Still, I think it will be a grand time. If you’re in the San Diego area I highly recommend checking it out! I know a lot of the folks putting this con together so I’m sure it’s going to be a good time. And if anything, you can get a little giggle out of me trying to dance.

Of course, what’s a steampunk con without costumes?..Yeah I’m obsessive. Costume Nonsense is updated with a few pics of the  costume I hopefully will be wearing when I’m not on the dance floor. Progress shots of my Wild West Zombie Hunter.  You can check it out, here!

Incidentally, Colleen from Wyngdlyon Creations has graciously agreed to have a few of my prints up for sale at her merchant booth at the con. This will also include prints of the steampunk-esque drawing below, based on an online RPG I played last year. So if you’re interested, this and a couple other prints will be available! Also, be sure to check out (AND BUY) a few of Colleen’s gorgeous costume pieces. Her men’s Victorian vests are fabulous!

Hope to see ya’ll there!

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