Belly Dancing at the Gaslight Gathering

Hey All!

Gaslight Gathering was a COMPLETE BLAST! I am hoping, Hoping, HOPING that this convention will come back next year. If it does, you can count on me being there!

The staff was nice enough to ask our SCA Middle Eastern Guild to come perform some drumming and dancing for the day. We both performed around the convention as well as did a performance before the extremely epic concert on Saturday evening.  My friend Lilli was kind enough to take these photos of one of our random performances during the day. My friends and fellow dancers there are Tyana Leberetch and Lacey Whitaker, both fantastic performers and awesome ladies.

I think I look a wee bit like a tool here but hey, I had so much fun who cares!

Also, if you found this site through WyngdLyon Creations. Hello and thank you for buying one of my prints!

Hopefully I can find some other photos of our rockin’ performances.

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2 Responses to Belly Dancing at the Gaslight Gathering

  1. karlyl says:

    You guys look SO amazing!! :D

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