Count Down to May War!

So Potrero War, a.k.a May War, a.k.a prom weekend for SCA folks in San Diego is coming up next week. And as usual, I am TOTALLY stoked for it! It’s a fun awesome time where my friends and I camp in awesome period pavilions (my husband built a yurt… seriously), wear period clothing, take awesome arts and science classes, and drink copious amounts of beer while relaxing in the great out doors.

Its going to be a great weekend!

So since war is approaching, I’ve been doing a variety of SCA related art it honor of this awesome event.

Above are two I did for a dear SCA friend who wrote an interesting article on Newcomers’ garb and how to get it.  These are only two of about six sketches and are my favorites of the group. I’ll put a link up to the article as soon as its up on the net.

And I also did a quick lil’ pic for my hubby, who has been quite the trouper. I’ve been a Cranky McCrankyPantsMachine lately and he has been an angel in the face of it all.

Our SCA personas, Pharlane of Glenord and Giovanna Ricci. The pic is a bit of an inside joke really. It plays on how we actually got together as well as into our personas’ history.

Ah, geek love.  It only get’s nerdier from this point on, folks.

Hope you enjoy!

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