Quick Art Preview

I’m on my way to Potrero War!

For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, Potrero War is a SCA event that spans over a weekend. For a definition of SCA, check out my hobbies page.  Pretty much, War  is a long and awesome weekend of dressing up in medieval clothing, watching knights and Dons fight, and buying tons of crafty type items to feed my habit. Ah, war. In all honesty though, it is a fun and awesome time and I am truly looking forward to the weekend!

Incidentally, I was asked to do the gate flyer cover this year. So I had a lil fun designing the Caidan Shield Maiden to grace its pages. Here’s the piece.

To any of my SCA friends who read my blog of madness, the colored and framed version of this image will be available to purchase at the Arts Auction this year! I will also be offering up a personal sketch commission of you or a loved one’s persona. There will also be LOTS of fantastic and beautiful works to bid on from costumes, to jewelry, to armor, and everything in between  All proceeds will go to the Kiwanis Potrero Scholarship and the Potrero Fire Department. So bid generously for art and charity!

See you after war with photos and pictures of my bounty!

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