Colored Potrero War Gate Flyer!

I’m back from Potrero War! It was an awesome but busy time. Alas, it was too busy of a time for me to take out my camera and take photos. Next year, this shall happen because I plan to not volunteer as much so I can be lazy for the weekend.

Anyways, The colored image of the gate flyer was up for auction!

The piece went for $55 which was FAR more than I ever expected it to. Thank you so much for those who generously bid on the piece. The money is going to a great cause.  Enjoy the picture! Also, thank you to the person who won my full colored sketch commission at the auction as well. Don’t forget to email me with your info so I can get started!

And a final thank you to the staff of Potrero War who made the entire event a wonderful one. It is my favorite war for a reason. You all work so hard to make sure everyone is having a great time. Keep up the incredible work!
Next update? Well…I’m going to assume it will be updates for my next big event, Anime Expo. Until then…I have a truck load of laundry to do O.o.

Stay Tuned!

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