Gearing Up for July.

Ah June.

Usually my busiest freakin’ month of my life next to May.  But its a good busy! Really! I have lately been designating June my “arts and crafts” month due to the fact that I have a con or two to attend in July where I attempt to “sell the goods”. This year on Fourth of  July weekend, me and the ladies of ZOMGWTF!? Studios will be attending Anime Expo’s Artist’s Alley!

Our Studio consists for four artists; Me, Shing Khor, Trishana Prater, and Kythera of Anevern. We’re going to be in Row D of Artists Alley.  Currently I’m waiting for our table numbers, so I will keep you posted my next update when I get the exact numbers. Come out! See what we got and say hello! Maybe buy somethings? Who knows!? We don’t judge here!

 I will have a few new prints to sell this year at AX. Previews of them will be up here in another day or two. Hopefully I can post teasers all the way up until AX. Until then,  you can visit Costume Nonsense to see the crafty side of my AA table. I’ve been slowly putting together some interesting hair falls and hair clips. And they have really been a blast to make! These will also be going up on my Etsy shop when it makes its grand opening in another week. Check the entry out here!

For now, I will leave you with a pic I did for my sister on Mother’s day. My two adorable nephews, Tommie and Danny.

Enjoy and Stay tuned!

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