Anime Expo Here We Come!

Okay…so I know I promised more posts between now and then. I’m obviously a dirty liar. But at least I’m posting now!

Better late than never?

In my own special way.

Anyways, me and the ladies of ZOMGWTF!? Studios will be attending Anime Expo’s Artist’s Alley! Our Studio consists for four artists; Me, Shing Khor, Trishana Prater, and Kythera of Anevern. We’re going to be in Row D of Artists Alley. I’ll have a bunch of hair falls and hair clips on sale as well as some prints! Most of the prints will be of older works.

But I did two new suckers because I am glutton for punishment!

Behold! Unspeakable Horror!

Yes, that is Cthulhul in Gothic Lolita.

Yes, I regret nothing.

Also, since I am going to an anime con I figured at least one print of anime characters would be a good idea, right?

Kickin’ it old school with the Sailor Scouts! Yeah…this dates me…big time.

Prints of both of these will be available at Anime Expo this coming weekend. Only $5 a pop so come get some!

Also, three posts, count em! Three posts up on Costume Nonsense! A pic of my Persian coat on an actual body, a picture of my headdress for Labyrinth Ball, An article on a Hollywood Costume auction, and some Tales of Costumes Paaast!. Yeah, I’ve been a busy bee. Actually I’ve just been snapping photos, which for some reason reads in my brain as easier than scanning pics.

Go check them out here, here, and here if you get a chance!

And the BIG news. DRUMROLL!!…Which you really can’t do on a blog!

My Esty shop is FINALLY up with stuff! Granted right now it’s not a LOT of stuff, but there IS stuff! And there will be MORE stuff after I return from Anime Expo. If you’re interested in a custom-made hair fall, just drop me a line and I will drop you a price quote!

Yes folks…it is clearly the Armageddon.

Anyways, that’s all she wrote for now! See you all after AX and have a great 4th of July weekend!

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