I Hath Return-ed!

Anime Expo was a complete BLAST! A big hello to those who snagged my card and stumbled on my site.  And a BIG thank you to those who bought some of my items! My left over stock from AX will slowly be filtering over onto my etsy store starting this weekend. So keep an eye out!  As I mentioned before, I also take custom orders so feel free to contact me if you want a specific hair clip or what not.

Over at Costume Nonsense, I have photos of my awesome time at Labyrinth Ball!

My gal pals and I all went as various Greek Goddesses. Next year some friends and I plan to do some wild west Steampunk style Fae catchers. Working on the sketches now for that!

I have photos of not just me and my friends but other amazing costumes from the night! Believe me when I say this is an awesome event to attend if you are a hard core costumer. The craftsmanship you witness there is unbelievable!
The amount of inside jokes and obscure characters is pretty spiffy as well.

Check out the photos here!

Overall? A great weekend was had.  And my friend, Lou managed to take some photos of ZOMGWTF!? Studio’s table set up at AX. Thank you Lou!

Up next? Comic Con insanity over at the SCA booth. More craziness abounds!!


Shing Khor

Kythera of Anevern

Trishana Prater

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