Cins is Open to Commissions!

Now that I’m getting spare time to “go an Artin'” these days (and have a $2000 car repair bill that is hanging over my head right now *headdesk*),  I’ll be opening my Commissions up until the end of August!


What does this mean for you? It means ART that’s what it means! I am open to doing character sketches (up to three people in one sketch with a minimal background) in pencil, black and white ink, or full colored marker.  You can find examples and prices on my Commissions Page.

If art isn’t your thang, I also am open to doing a custom hair fall for you. So if you’re looking for something in a certain color or a certain flower, let me know! I can make it! Prices for falls and clips range from $10 – $25 depending on how large and detailed the piece is.

If you want to commission me for either art or clips you can contact me here by leaving a comment, or you can email me at edengarg (at) hotmail(dot)com.

ALSO also! My stock on esty is slowly growing!  Dollfie items, Hair Falls, Clips, and prints will all be burstin’ forth at the shop this coming weekend so keep an eye out if you want a certain pretty!

Thanks folks!

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