Its time for some downtime, FINALLY.

Craziness! It abounded!

Now its no longer abounding and things are finally quieting down.  Con season is finally at a close and it was very successful and if not that, it was at least fun! Can’t complain about that now, can I? My last stop was San Diego ComicCon. I didn’t vend but I did help out at the SCA booth and demo in the clubs area. If you were about SDCC on either Friday or Saturday, I was the loud redheaded woman in orange shouting out near the escalators. And not in that wearing kleenex boxes on the feet way either.  Thanks all who came to the demo and thanks to my friends who managed to drop by on their busy schedules to say hi! I’m hoping to help again next year.

Also, I was so busy at the booth and shopping that I didn’t get a chance to snap many photos. But I did manage to scrounge this one of me at the SCA booth on Friday, wooing the masses about the joys of Medieval reenactment. I’m on the left, there.

I also managed to meet Khal Drogo on my travels through the exhibit hall.

Yeah… this is as close as I’m getting to the Iron Throne, folks.

I also want to give a shout out to Steam Crow.  I happened upon their booth at SDCC and I absolutely flipped over the I Lovecraft You T-shirt. Yes, I bought one. Could you blame me? Head on over to their website and check out their awesome art!

So now that con season is over with I’ll be back to work on my own personal projects. I’m going to finally break ground on my Victorian walking dress soon and I plan to FINALLY get back to building my doll house again. Poor thing has been so neglected! I also will be working on AND taking art commissions through August. So if you want a character picture of your favorite RPG character or some wacky fan art from me, now is the time to ask! My prices are here.

And as usual, I am always adding things to my etsy store so keep an eye on it if it pleases you!

I’ll be updating soon with more stuffage. Until then, ART!

Here, enjoy a Rose Bush Nymph!

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4 Responses to Its time for some downtime, FINALLY.

  1. Allaine says:

    Ooh, she’s pretty. Is it Ivy or an anonymous nature spirit?

  2. karlyl says:

    I love your nymph!!!! She’s so pretty :D

    Oh con season I both love and hate you. We still want to try for Anime Conjii, right? Also, I’m calculating whether or not to do AX again, since AM2 is trying to do different dates (still in Anaheim tho), etc.

    • cinsangel says:

      Thanks! Considering offering her up as a print.:)

      I would really like to do Anime Conjii if you’re up to it! It just sounds like a fun con. I’ll hunt down the website. Still on the fence for AX. I’m curious about AM2 to be honest and the commute for AX was killing me a bit. At least with AM2 we could possibly turn it into vacation and possibly cosplay *LOL*.

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