Autumn is Upon Us!

I enjoyed my month of down time.

Well, I don’t know if you could REALLY call it down time considering that I still had plenty to do but the studio has been mostly quiet and I spent most of this month cleaning and organizing in there instead of working.  But fall is gearing up which means SCA events and Halloween! So I will definitely be working full court press on the costuming front at the least!

Speaking of costumes, my steampunk costume has evolved further and even had a few non-blurry photos taken of it! I put up a small report of my Steampunk’s expedition to the San Diego Zoo up on Costumed Nonsense. You can check it out here!

More project insanity will be coming soon including progress shots of my Halloween costume, my husband’s court garb coat, as well as the beginnings (I hope) of my Victorian gown. I also plan to put more clips up on etsy (I still have a ton!) as well as work more on my doll house which, sadly, has been sitting in exile as I work on everything else imaginable. My problem is I want to do so much, yet I only have two hands and one very muddled thought process!

Art commissions are now closed. Thank you to everyone who commissioned me over the summer! I am working away on your pieces right now. If you have any questions about your commission work, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Since Halloween, my favorite Holiday, is approaching here is a doodle in the spirit of things. I love me some horror films. Can you guess who these two are?

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