And We’re off to Great Western War!

The hubby and I are off to Great West, leaving at  OMAHGOD O Clock in the morning on Thursday

. ..Okay that part I’m not looking forward to.

Anyways,  Its going to be a fun weekend! And speaking of fun weekends, Colleen  (Wyng’d Lyon Creations) and I had a blast vending at Queen Bee last  Saturday! Check it out!



Spooky Vending Time!

And while I will be out-of-town, Colleen will be returning to the North Park Independent Bazar so if you’re a local San Diegan drop in and say hi to her! Her stuff is awesome.:)

Also, some fun updates on Costume Nonsense. A pic of my retro dress in progress as well  as a blast from the past as I once again revisit one of my crazy old cosplay costumes from way back in the day.

You can check out the costume blog HERE!



And while I’m off for the weekend, here’s a couple of fan-fiction based commissions I did for my friend, Patrick…who’s birthday happens to be today. ;)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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