Halloween Hangover…

Well not really, to be honest. But it seemed like an appropriate title.

October was a wonderful time! I miss my favorite month already. It was full of fantastic events including an epic Halloween party and a great anniversary trip to Disneyland thanks to my awesome-sauce husband (photos of THAT to come soon!).

Costume Nonsense is updated yet again! This time with cuteness overload. Pictures of my adorable nephew, Danny in the Halloween costume I made for him are up. It’s a short entry but one that will give you a sugar attack of epic proportions! You can find the entry here.

Am I proud aunty?

I’m a proud aunty.

I also updated my etsy site with some prints and new hair clips. Come Check it out!


I will be popping my head in soon to some craft shows and cons but I need to finalize them before I make the announcements. If you’re in the San Diego area, keep an eye on my blog if you want to come say hi to me at an upcoming show! Also, I will be opening sketch commissions soon in time for the Holidays if you are interested in snagging a character sketch for any gamer friends.

Yeah…Plug, plug, plug. I’m horrible, I know.  Seriously though, I got lots of fun projects I’m working on I’m really stokes to share with you all. Not just goofy hair clips either. Things from new sketches, to costumes, getting back to my doll house construction (FINALLY), and probably progress reports on training for Run For you Lives! next October. Yes, I will be running from zombies..FOR REALS!..sorta.

That’s all the crazy red-head wrote for now! Until then, A sketch of my sweet ghost gal, Catriona, I did around Halloween time.


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