Last month my husband, Max surprised me with an overnight trip to Disneyland for our 3rd year anniversary. I’m a huge Disney nut and he decided to put up with the fact that I am a huge Disney nut by indulging me for two days.

Max, taking one for the team.

Being down in San Diego, the big D-land is only a hop skip and jump from our place so we set off after work and enjoyed an overnight stay in the happiest place on earth

Since I’m a doof, I forgot my real camera. So phone pictures had to do. And since I’m a doof I’m sharing pics of that kick butt weekend on my blog.

Yay for being a doof!

We stayed at the Grand Californian Resort.  I have been dying to stay there since the place was built! I am in love with their lobby. It’s all done up in the California Arts and Crafts movement from the early 1900’s.

A happy Disney Cocktail at the Grand Californian’s lounge. Mmmm… Pear Martini with Glenfiddich.

I mainly snapped this photo of us on Space Mountain because my husband’s face is priceless… PRICELESS!

If you look past the reflection of the bright Chartreuse balloon you can see Prince Naveen and Tiana from Princess and the Frog. This was in the window of Cafe Orleans. VERY yummy food there!

The Halloween Tree! It’s a delightful Ray Bradbury story I enjoy. Disney put up the Halloween Tree in Frontierland.

I really love the new entrance for California Adventure. It reminds me of the Album cover in Xanadu…and I just totally aged myself right there.

Max and I enjoying a quiet time wine tasting in California Adventure.   They have a fantastic wine bar over in the former Napa Valley Area just upstairs where the Vineyard Room used to me. Oh Vineyard Room…how I miss you.


And to end our awesome anniversary we had a fancy schmancy dinner at the Napa Rose in the Grand Californian. The chefs’ wished us a happy anniversary with our desert. YUM! For any foodies out there, the Napa Rose is a fantastic restaurant!

There really was no other reason for this post than to share photos. But since this is an art blog, I should post a pic to stay consistent.

A commission for my friend Dasha of her Gargoyles RPG character Lanara. I really loved how she came out.

Back soon with news about some craft shows coming up as well as commission news!

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