Sketch Commissions Are OPEN and Holiday Discounts in Etsy!

Just a quickie post before I get to the meatier fun stuff this week. (Costumes! Art! SCA! Craft Shows! Action! Adventure!…well maybe not the last two).

I’m  trying to raise some extra funds for the Holidays. I’m an auntie who loves to spoil her nephews so a little extra cash is always helpful. Therefore, I am open to sketch commissions for the Holidays! If you’re looking for that awesome sketch of your beloved gamer’s RPG character or that fangirl friend of yours is dying for a pic of that character they love so much, lookie over here!

Unfortunately due to time constraints, I am open to sketches  and black and white ink ONLY  if you want them by Christmas time. If you don’t mind a gift coming after the holidays, I can happily discuss colored work. Sketches are $10 a piece and inked is $15 a piece for a one or two character sketch.  There is an additional $2 for every extra character added to the same sketch. Please contact me at edengarg(at) if you want one! More info on commission work HERE!

Also, if any blog readers decide to go shopping this Thanksgiving weekend in my etsy store, you will get a %10 discount if you use the code BLOGREADER10. The discount will be active November 25th and will be active until December 5th.  I have some new items to put up as well just in time for the discount!

Hope to hear from you soon!!

Until then…here’s Poison Ivy!

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