Two Craft Shows Tomorrow! Come Say Hi!

Well I was planning on putting up a post about my last SCA event which was awesome!

…but it appears that my camera has gone M.I.A. Chances are I left it behind at the event, never to return. Bummer. Ah well, that’s what I get for being absent-minded.

So instead I’m doing a quick post about two craft shows I’ll be doing tomorrow! I’m participating in small business Saturday but double booking myself! Yeah, actually I signed up for two and realized they were on the same day a bit later. I really have no short-term memory lately. Maybe I need to eat more bananas.

ANYWAYS, My stuff will be appearing at to places tomorrow. First off my clips will be available at the 1st Annual Holiday Craft Show in Santee ( 10328 Julio Place, Santee, CA). The ladies are nice enough to sell my work by proxy (thank you so much!) and many other awesome crafters both in the SCA and out will be vending there. The ladies are quite talented so it’s definitely worth coming! The event runs from 11am to 4pm.

While the kind ladies and Santee will be watching my back, I’ll be at Small Business Saturday in North Park. Colleen from Wyng’d Lyon Creations and I will be there. Look for us on University Ave Near North Park Produce! Please drop by and say hi as well as support your small local businesses.

As usual, any place I vend I’ll be offering $5 on the spot sketches. So just tell me you saw this post. And ignore my voice tomorrow if you come say hi… I had a cold recently and sound like I’ve been smoking for 50 years currently.

ALSO! Shop in my etsy store until Dec 5th and get %10 off! Use the code BLOGREADER10 at check out! New items will be going up after the shows tomorrow. More hair clips, Dollfie horns, and new headbands as well!

Sorry for all the major pimpage going on here on the blog lately. Next post will be back to its usual nonsense. :)

Hope to see you tomorrow!

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