Haul Out The Stockings!

Because its Christmas Time at the Chateau de Nom Nom a.k.a our house. Why the Chateau de Nom Nom? Well my husband loves to cook and refuses to have anyone leave our place hungry. Me? I hate to cook but I’m happy to eat whatever he makes.

Win Win situation!

Before I bombard you with pictures of Holiday cheer, just wanted to post that Costume Nonsense is updated with pictures of Max and me heading to the H.M.S Winter Maquerade Ball. It was a total BLAST of a steampunk event! I have only a few pictures but they’re entertaining! You can find the entry here.

Anyways, we have the house all decked out for Christmas! Christmas and Halloween are my favorite times of the year…actually, October straight shooting through Feburary puts me in a good mood to be honest. But Christmas and Halloween are my favorites of all.

Here is our Grand tree at the Chateau. We found a great one. I think Max is the tree whisperer or something. This was the first tree he grabbed and it was perfect.

Our stockings were hung by the Brady Bunch chiminey with care, as you can see…

Stockings for Max, me, and our kitty Scout…which isn’t %100 accurate. Mainly because we have a new addition to the Chateau.

Meet Minion.

Minion is our new kitten. We adopted him when a friend ended up with kittens randomly in his livingroom. Our older cat, Scout has been…tollerating. 

Overall, Minion has had no problem adjusting to life at the Chateau.

And to end this blog post, here’s a quick commission sketch I did of a friend’s RPG character.

I hope everyone has a great Holiday Season!

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