Happy New Year, here’s your Con.

And a Happy New Year to all!

I’ve had plans of grandeur to update immediately in 2012…yeah we see how well that went over, right? The truth is I have tons of things to scan and photos to post. Alas, I’ve been sitting on my butt about since December….because I’m a slacker. Well in all actuality it’s because I still have yet to have a weekend to sit down at ye olde laptop and put things up.

But it will not be THIS weekend. Why? Because I will be at HRM Steampunk Symposium! WOOO!

I may or maynot be dressed like this. I’m kind of digging the middle eastern vibe lately.



 Out of the Goodness of her heart, yet again, Colleen from Wyng’d Lyon Creations is letting me tag along as her business associate to this con.God Bless ya, Colleen. So if you find the Wyng’d Lyon Banner, you will find me as well!  I will be offering up $5 quickie sketches to anyone who mentions this blog post as usual. I’ll also have my kit with me so if you want a regular priced full color picture, just ask!

Okay, I do have ONE picture uploaded of my crafty obsessions. I made tons of Christmas ornaments for my family and friends this last Holiday and I’m pretty proud with how they came out.

They were a blast to make. I believe I will be cranking out more next year. The constant fabric folding satisfied my OCD.

Never the less, 2012 came charging out of the gate and I made a promise to myself to do more art and update the blog more often with said art. So far the art part has been coming. The blog part…eh…not so much. Working on that!

Until then, here’s another older commission done for my friend of her Dresden Files RPG cop character, Shelly…yup, thats a kitsune behind her.

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