Returning from Steampunk Symposium!

I’m back! And what an event it was!  To all you lovely people who bought my prints and  picked up my card;  hello, welcome and thank you!

A special thank you thank you THANK YOU to Colleen from Wyng’d Lyon Creations who generously shared her booth with me.  As usual, it was an awesome time. I always have fun doing events with Colleen. I wanted to give a couple shout outs to fellow vendors that made our weekend lots of fun:

  • Foulbitten offers beautiful copper etching..oh yes I WILL own one someday!
  • Last Wear does awesome steampunk garb and are a group of awesome folks.
  • and Ravenworks offers all sorts of period goodies. They were our neighbors and were lots of fun.

I also wanted to give a shout out author, David Lee Summers who I had a nice conversation with. He writes steampunk Westerns among other things. Steampunk and cowboys. Be still my heart.

I have a few costume pics posted up Costumed Nonsense from the H.R.M.  Steampunk Symposium. There were some awesome costumes at the event and we even took a few goof ball photos of each other on the Queen Mary. This is what happens when you let two costumers lose on a period cruise ship.

Come check out the entry, here.

Most of my and Colleen’s time was spent in the Vendor’s room, but occasionally we  escaped to play on the Queen Mary. If you ever get a chance to stay on the Queen Mary, I highly recommend it. It’s amazingly beautiful. You can feel this history!

Check out that view!

We had a super sweet vending space and Colleen was kind enough to let me hog a table. Have I mentioned Colleen rocks? Because she rocks.

I love steampunk cons and I really hope to start exploring more as time frees up…which may or may not happen.  The good thing is Southern California seems to me a hot happening area for the steampunk movement.

I also did two new Cthulu prints especially for Symposium. I am considering offering blank note cards and post cards with the wacky cephalopod on them in the near future.

So here they are, Lady and Lord Cthulu. Prints will be available via my etsy store soon!

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