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I’m not sure why I got the itch to show off my studio space. Probably because I just cleaned it up and realized how much I love it. So, I felt like sharing. I mainly do my craft and sewing in here but occasionally when I want some quiet time, I will sit on my futon and sketch as well.

When I first moved to San Diego I lived in a very small apartment closer to the heart of downtown. It was a perfect spot for one person but it got quickly crowded with the addition of a husband and a cat.  I had all my sewing, craft, and art supplies organized in a tiny corner in the bedroom.  My late night sewing binges were cut short if the hubby needed to go to bed early. So when the two of us found a house that had a space for a studio, I flipped out.

My studio space is a large room built separate from the house itself. Its past lives included a wood working shop and after that, a rumpus room. That explains the endless amounts of electrical outlets and ugly carpeting.  It used to be painted an awful mustard yellow. EYE SEARING mustard yellow. Needless to say, I repainted the place.

My sewing nook. I say nook but in all honesty my nook is really the entire dang room. This is just where I have my sewing machines. The white sewing machine table belonged to my grandmother. My dad refurnished and painted it for me when I moved to San Diego.

The shelves the DVD and TV are on were built by the hubby. It was all a surprise birthday gift-y. Below that are all my fabric bins and notion/pattern drawers. I try to keep it all organized though right now my fabric stash is outnumbering my fabric bins.

 Yes, I’m watching Tron: Legacy.


The sewing cabinet is also from the family. It belonged to my great-grandmother who was a men’s tailor. My dad refurnished and painted it for me too. Unfortunately the paint got a little damage on our move to the new house. The thread holders are gifts from my friends Ty, Julie, and Colleen. That’s half scale samurai armor, a project I did in grad school. Next to that, you can see where I hang the finished hair falls. They’re hiding the ugly fusebox. And in the corner is the land of rescued homeless toys… Long story.

Bookshelves! The hubby built these for me as well since the old Walmart bookshelf collapsed.. On my head. Once again, long story.  You can see my poor abandoned doll house project still waiting to be finished *sigh*. My many costume and art books are being guarded by various female action figures. Don’t ask me why, but I love collecting the chicks. Though there are a few fellas mixed in.



Another bookcase I filled up and random stuffage. My inspiration boards (aka places to hang weird photos) various masks, my display tree, and my apothecary jars full of random doo-dads.

I love my fairy candle holder. A gift from my oldest friend, Julie.



The other side of the studio. It’s a wonder of second-hand furniture! my futon was my sister’s and the formica table used to be my grandmothers, then my sisters, and now its miiiiiiine! Now I just need chairs *plots*

Big, floppy, Scooby-Doo is a gift from my friend Ian.

My amazing cutting table! This was built by my friend Dan as a Christmas/house-warming gift and I LOOOOOOVE it! He covered the top with cork-board and the bottom is an old vintage icebox. It’s all on wheels too so I can pull it out from the wall when I want to work.
Dang, I got some creative friends! You can see a pile of craft repairs and the patterns for my upcoming Victorian gown sitting there.


Once again, Julie the amazing got me that Wicked poster signed by the original Broadway cast. Did I mention Julie is amazing? Because she is.


Shelf O’ Headgear! Hats and headdresses I’ve made for various occasions. Though those two pretty hats on the top shelf were made by Christal Blu Creations. I love them! Yup, those are vintage Lemon Chiffon and Orange Blossom dolls. I was a Strawberry Shortcake fanatic as a child and felt the need to relive it through the magic of eBay.

I kinda love Hats. Can you tell? Most of these were either my grandmother’s or my mom’s from the 1940’s, 50’s, and 60’s. I thought they were too pretty to keep in a storage box. So there they be!

Well, THAT was long winded wasn’t it? I hope you enjoyed the photos though! I really do love my little space of creativity. There’s just something about having your own room that is yours alone, whether it’s a full studio, a work desk, or a bedroom. I’m really fortunate that I managed to get a spot of my own.


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