A Plethora of subjects!

Subject #1 – I started a tumblr! I have no idea WHY I decided to start one but I sure did. It’s extremely random now but I’ve been having fun posting strange things to it. If you want to follow along you can find it here! :http://originalcinart.tumblr.com/

Subject #2 – Colleen from Wyng’d Lyon Creations is having a give away! And the prize is awesome. Come on folks. An adorable stuffed bunny. A flaming hearts stuffed bunny! So its badass AND adorable! You know you wanna. It’s easy as pie to put yourself into the drawing. Check out her blog entry here so you can get a chance to win. FLAMING STUFFED BUNNY!!!


Subject #3 – I finished my final commission from this last round. A black and white pic for Brooksbabe from deviantart. Here’s Brooklyn sharing an evening glide with her original character, Crystal. I had a lot of fun with this.


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