Don’t Delay on the Giveaway!

That’s about as clever as I’m going to get on a blog title right there.

But seriously, this is the last week to enter into Wyng’d Lyon’s Giveaway to win a pair of Lord and Lady Cthulu prints!


You have until the end of Saturday, March 31st to enter to win! :)

Gaslight Gathering is slowly creeping up on me (YIKES!) This year I will be performing once again with the Calafian Middle Eastern Guild and I will also be entering the Gaslight Gathering Art show! I’ll be doing a series of Steampunk ladies and putting up the framed originals for sale/auction there. Please check them out if you are planning on visiting the con!

Here’s a sneak peek of what the series will be like:

A Lady of Exotic Lands

I’m hoping to have up a series of about five of them. I’m already got most of them sketched and inked. It’s a project I’ve been TOTALLY digging.  I’ll post more progress shots up as the con grows closer.


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