Look Ma! I’m Published!

I’m in a book! An actual book!


No! Seriously, I AM published! See?


That’s my name, right there!

I was lucky enough to participate in the anthology, I Was a Teenage Gargoyle. It’s a wonderful book on early internet fandoms and how they shaped people’s lives.  I illustrated a hilarious essay on old computer tech by Patrick Toman titled Walking with Internet Dinosaurs. Here’s a sneak peek:


Apparently, Mini Rex there went over really well with Patrick and with Shing, the editor.

It really was a fun project to work on and I hope that there will be a second anthology so I can do a full piece of my own. OH the stories I have!

Check out Sawdust Press for information on how to order a copy! I also will be selling some copies at future shows myself if you want to snag one from me.

Also, The giveaway has ended! Thanks all who entered! And congrats to Vivien Lee! I’ll mail out your prints this week! :)

One more shout out, I am participating in the April Drawing Challenge this year! So I’ll be doing a sketch a day and posting it to my tumblr, and possibly doing weekly recaps here.  Granted, I may not post EVERY day since be getting to my scanner can sometimes be quite the gauntlet. But keep an eye on my my tumblr if you want to keep up! And if you’re a fellow artist,  feel free to come play at the April Drawing Challenge as well!

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