April Drawing Catch Up Post!

It’s not that I have been behind on the drawing… It’s that I’ve been behind on the SCANNING.

I’m a lazy scanner. I’ll admit that. So I sat down last night and pretty much scanned all my drawings that I’ve done so far (sans yesterday’s and today’s sketches).   Here are a few of my more favorites:

The challenge prompt for this was “Sleep”. So I drew my husband’s and my World Of Darkness characters Jodi and Big Edie Snuggling and snoozing together.


No challenge prompt for this, just Annabelle Leigh Langly having a bad evening.

My OC Gargoyle’s character, Eden. I haven’t sketched Eden in forever! She’s looking unusually pensive here..I have no idea why.


And ONE finished piece! This is a work I did for an arts auction at a local SCA tournament.  It fetched a good amount of money for the College of St Artemas so I’m really proud of this one.

I’ll be posting more of my sketchy stuff for this month over at my tumblr so feel free to follow that! http://originalcinart.tumblr.com/

Also, if you’re an artist and want to participate in April Drawing Challenge, you can watch the April Drawing tumblr here!http://aprildrawing.tumblr.com/

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