More Fun with April Drawing!

April Drawing Challenge has really has been a great exercise for me. Okay, granted, right now I’m a day behind. I ended up passing out for the night before I could crack my sketchbook open last evening. So I’ll be pulling double duty today.

But A for effort on my part!

Baby Steps!

Here are a few of my favorites I did this last week:

The challenge theme was “Wet”. So here is my old Iron Kingdoms thief character pouring a bucket of water over my husbands Gobber…because he probably said something obnoxious to her. Chances are they will go get a beer after this.

Wine is AWEEESSSSOOOOMEE!!!! My proportions are off on this one… because I was drinking wine while drawing it.

Don’t drink and sketch, kids!

The Calafian Middle Eastern Guild will be providing ambiance for Gaslight Gathering’s Safari Tea this year. I figured now would be a good time to put together some dance wear for this con. Here’s my quickie prelim sketch of what I plan to make in the next couple of weeks. More to come on that on my costume blog.

Today’s challenge is “Finish What You Started” so I plan to drag out this piece here, do a few corrections, finish up some inking on it, and hopefully slap a little color on there.


I’ll be posting some sneak peaks soon of the original work I’ll have available for sale at Gaslight Gathering. I also have tons of costumes in the works which will be up on my costume blog Costumed Nonsense, in the next few days.

ALSO, Also, also! A few people dropped me lines saying they couldn’t find the link to purchase I Was a Teenage Gargoyle. My bad. You can  pick it up (as well as other awesome books) here!

So that’s all I got this round. More sketchiness to come soon! Thanks for keeping up with the insanity!

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