Its Gaslight Gathering Time!

Which means it’s that time where Cindy starts whoring herself out to the internet again!

I’ll be attending Gaslight Gathering, San Diego’s steampunk con. If you’re a San Diegan or even a Southern Californian, I highly recommend you check this con out. Last year was a complete delight and this year proves to be even more fun!

My Friend Colleen from Wyng’d Lyon will be vending there. So if you are hankering for some lovely Victorian Men’s wear among other goodies, come see her! She will also have a variety of my prints for sale at her booth as well… because she’s awesome like that.

I’m working like mad to have a new Cthulu print ready. But even if I miss this round, my old Cthulu prints will definitely be available!

Also, come check out my work at the Gaslight Art Salon! I will have my full “Lady Of…” series on view.  I’m really excited to be involved in this art show and exhibiting with some amazing artists. Its been a long while since I entered my work into a show and I’m totally stoked …and under the gun to get them all nicely framed.

At long last, Costumed Nonsense is finally updated! I currently have  progress pictures of my new steampunk middle eastern dance wear I’ll be donning on Saturday at Gaslight Gathering.

Once again, The Calafian Middle Eastern Guild will be performing. If you want to catch us shaking our groove thang, we’ll be performing at the Safari Steampunk Tea on Saturday at 3 pm. it is a ticketed event and last I heard, tickets were going fast so buy in advance if you’re interested in attending!

So much to do! So little time! Such is my nature!

If you come to gaslight and see me wandering, please say hi. I will be lurking about as usual looking like the big dork I am.

We’ll finish this post off with some steampunk art. The finally finished picture of Annabelle Leigh Langly and her beau, Deputy Luke Colt.


Cheers all! Hope to see you there!

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