And We are BACK from Gaslight!

Sorry about the delay in my usual updates. I needed a day to recover. It was a whirl wind of a con but one that was insanely fun. Even more fun than LAST year!

I really love the steampunk community here in San Diego and have a great time with them. I hope in the future there will be more events throughout the year. Until then, Gaslight Gathering is just friggin’ awesome and worth the wait.

In usual Cindy fashion, I brought my camera and promptly forgot about it because I was distracted by shiny things. Colleen managed to snap the one above of my friends Ace and Jen and I in our day one steampunk gear. Luckily Agezinder Arts will be posting some photos of our dance performance at the Safari Tea. Check out his work! He does lovely photography!

Two of my “Lady of…” series sold at the art show! Woo! I did manage to scan the whole set and I will have prints available soon. Here is the full series:

Click to enlarge. Lots of details ensue!

And of course, some shout outs to some of my favorite vendors at the con:

  • Inlumino Arts does BEAUTIFUL jewelry! I went home with one of her absinthe spoon necklaces.
  • Kelly’s Heroes has amazing head-gear, goggles, and weaponry. I am in love with their hats!
  • Kansas Mercantile carries everything from patterns to pipes and everything in between.
  • Mysterious Galaxy is my favorite sci-fi and fantasy book store in San Diego.
  • And of course, a huge thank you to Wyng’d Lyon Creations for offering my prints!

Up next is Potrero War! I won’t be vending or performing, but I will be hanging out and enjoying the sights and sounds of the SCA (aka VACATION TIME!). If you’re a SCAdian in the area, feel free to say hi!

Hopefully I will squeeze one more update in before I head out for the week.

Cheers until then!

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