Gaslight and Potrero War!

I’m posting a bit early this week since Monday I’ll be whisked off to May Potrero War. I’m VERY excited for my vacation! I totally need one.

I managed to find some great photos of our performance at Gaslight Gathering. The Safari Tea was a fantastic event and we really had a wonderful time providing entertainment for the guests!

The photos were taken by Jerry Abuan, Gaslight Gathering’s official photographer. He does amazing work! I really hope to stumble upon him again at another event to get some good costume pics.

So, without further ado:

We also took a photo on Jerry’s photo booth we had set up at the con. Here’s the whole group in all our glory!

I will be purchasing a copy of this one soon. I totally want to frame it! We were also requested to pose with Kaja and Phil Foglio of Girl Genius fame.

If you’re interested in seeing some detail shots of my costume, head on over to Costumed Nonsense to check em out!

So, Potrero War is on its merry way and once again I’ll be offering up another piece for the arts auction. Here’s my Lady of the Crescent.

The original will be up for auction on Sunday at war. So if you want her, come check out the arts auction!

I also did the Gate Flyer cover which I’m a really happy with.

So if you’re going to Potrero War, I’ll see you there!

See you in about we week or so!

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