Labyrinth of Jareth 2012

Oh HOLY cow, was it a good time! I mean a REALLY good time! Best LoJ yet! Here we all are; Ellyn, Me, Jen, and Ace all decked out for Friday night. I only went one night but WHAT a NIGHT! There were some of the most lovely costumes I’ve seen in all the times I’ve gone! And of course dressing up with some fantastic lady friends! I am planning on hitting LoJ next year both Friday and Saturday nights. I believe need two nights of fantasy instead of one.

Costumed Nonsense is updated with some detail shots of my Annabelle Leigh Langly costume! My friend Jen went as her cohort Madam Jezebel Norton. You might have seen some sketches I’ve done of them on the blog before. I also included a bunch of photos of my favorite costumes of the night! You can check out entry here!

Unfortunately WordPress decided to eat a good chunk of my rather lengthy blog post I wrote up about LoJ (UGH!) so I’m going to just leave a nice neat little gallery of pictures up here for you to peruse for now. Definitely check out the costume blog for more pictures!

Next week, commissions! TONS of ’em!

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