Heading to San Diego Comic Con! Come say Hi!

Just a real quickie update!

Summer always brings crazy busy times of “OMG I NEED TO GET ALL THINGS DONE AND GO TO ALL THESE INSANE EVENTS!”

… such is my way.

And my last nerd event is on the horizon and creeping up fast!

I’ll be attending San Diego Comic Con! I usually do and it’s always a great time. I mean it’s practically in my dang back yard.

I won’t have an artist’s table or anything like that, but I WILL be spending most of my SDCC time at the SCA table at the fan tables area above the vendors hall. We’re located on the mezzanine. Check out this link here for more information on our location!

While you’re there, try to check out the fighting demos as well! Our fighters will be bashing each other (OR prancing each other since we will have rapier demos too!) Thursday – Saturday at noon and 4pm and Sunday at noon and 3pm. It’s a great show so come check it out! And feel free to ask any of us crazy costumed geeks questions about what we do. We’re a fun-loving bunch.

But wait! There’s more! I also will be peeking in at the Steampunk gathering and photo shoot on Saturday at 1pm near the stairs. I’ll be putting on the Annabelle costume again, complete with Senor Squeakypants and hanging with other fellow Steampunks, admiring all the costumes. Bring your camera and come check it out!

Why did I decide on a costume change at Comic Con? Because that’s’ what crazy costumers do!


And finally, (yes, ONE more thing, because I’m a glutton for punishment) some friends and I will be cosplaying Archer on Sunday sometime during the afternoon. A good friend of mine talked me into dressing as Mallory Archer… I really couldn’t say no to that. Keep an eye out for us! It will be interesting!




So that’s all for now! If you happen to be at Comic Con this weekend, please feel free to say hello! I’m always up to meeting new folks. And if I already know you? Well say hi anyways, I like people.


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