Commissions Dumping Post.

Another round of commissions I have finished! Woot!

A Book Cover for my friend Carmen Rane Hudson. If you like Urban Fantasy, definitely check out her work. You can find more info here!

Just a work in progress right now. I’m working with my friend Erika on her next Tattoo design. This is the concept she came up with. I’m sure there will be more tweaking to go.

Another picture for another author friend! Christine Morgan writes fantastic horror and Steampunk stories. Here are two of her characters; Chantal Noir and Arthur Pearce. I read two of the stories featuring this couple and I adore them! You can find out more about Christine’s Work at her Facebook page.

Here is the updated commissions list:

  1. Rane (book cover commission): FINISHED.
  2. Erika (tattoo commission): In progress.
  3. Ken (GoT commission): FINISHED.
  4. Kandice (Steampunk): FINISHED.
  5. Christine (Steampunk): FINISHED.
  6. Patrick (Steampunk): Being Inked Right Now.
  7. Katie (Steampunk): Sketch in Progress.

As soon as the next two Steampunk commissions are posted, I’ll be opening up another round of themed commissions. Now I just have to decide on a theme. I have too many ideas!

That’s all I got for now. Its been blissfully uneventful at the Chateau de Nom Nom lately so I’ve been enjoying my time chillin’ and artin’.  I have to enjoy it while I can!

Until Next week, folks!


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