Closing in on the Commissions Finishing Line!

Sorry about the update delay, folks. I really wanted to get two pieces done to post this week so I took a couple extra days to work on them.

I’m on my last few commissions for this round! I feel a bit like I ran a 5k… but with my pencil.

So without further ado, here are the latest two commissions on the list!

For Patrick. Demona from Disney’s Gargoyles and his original character Andrea. I’ve been drawing these two for him for a long while. I figured this rendition of them was very appropriate for the characters.

A Lady of Good Measure, for Katie. She requested a Steampunk Violinist. I thought I’d work her into my Lady Of… series I’ve been working on. I wish the scan came out a bit better. There is a lot of detail here that is lost. I think I’m going to futz around with this one in my scanner another time so I get a good copy.

So I really have just one commission left, and that is for my friend Shaun of his anthro puppy characters. Right now Its been inked and I’m coloring it in this weekend. So if you read this Shaun, you should have it by next week!

Now that this round is about done, I’ll be offering up another round of themed commissions very soon. So keep an eye on the blog if you’re wanting one!

Until next week, CHEERS!

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