The finish line!…And Back at it Again THEMED COMMISIONS OPEN

Sorry about the lack of updates last week. It has been a crazy busy summer and I’ve been running around like a… well… crazy person. Seems to be my usual agenda in the summertime, running around like a crazy person.

Anyways, the steampunk themed commissions are done! Here’s the last on my list, Shaun Pup and Fleur Lief Pup getting ready to do some monster hunting!

Thanks to everyone who did this round. It really was a blast designing the costumes and helping create the characters! I will be shipping out everyone’s commissions this weekend so keep an eye on your mail!

Since this round is finished, guess what, its time for another round of themed commissions! *chaos music ensues* I’m a masochist, I swear.

This round’s  theme will be couples!


I absolutely love drawing couples! So any type of couple you would like I will give it a whirl (Lovers, Spouses, Mother and child, Father and child, Siblings, Partners in Crime, etc.) Keep in mind, I will not go into adult territory for these commissions so please keep your subjects rated PG-13 at the most.

I’ll be doing a flat rate of $28 for a full color marker sketch, $18 for a black and white or $13 for a pencil sketch(This price includes shipping).

You can get up to two characters per sketch (an additional $2 for every added character) The commissions are 9×12″ and done on Canson sketch paper.

So, wanting a picture of you and your honey? Or perhaps there’s a fandom OTP that you can’t get enough of. drop me a line at edengarg (at) hotmail (dot) com with what you want commissioned!

At this point, commissions will be opened until the end of September.

Until next update, cheers all!

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