Dapper Days, Commissions, and Art!

To say life has been trying and busy is an understatement. But I’m hanging in there and still sketching away! Though my sewing has been falling to the wayside. I’ll have to do something about that…

Costumed Nonsense is updated! I attended Dapper Days at Disneyland last Friday and had a blast…and ended up with tons of photos.  Check it out here if you want to see some dapper folks!

Also, Thanks to all who have bitten at my last round of themed commissions! I will have the first order up next week! Until then, couples commissions are still open! Check out the link for details and drop me a line at edengarg (at) hotmail (d0t) com if you’re interested!

Until then, here are some sketches and whatnot to keep you entertained. I do my best.

Another sketch for Christine Morgan of her awesome Steampunk Duo, Chantal and Arthur. I love them so! I’m hoping to ink and color this soon. Though I’m kinda in love with it as a sketch. Going to have to haul out the light board for this one.

A logo for The Well and Spindle, a fantastic Etsy store full of beautiful hand-made goodies with a slight Norse feel.

These are special pieces to me. My Mom and Dad just celebrated their 50th Wedding anniversary (I know! 50 years!). My sister and I put together a photo album of their last 50 years together and bookended it with a picture of them when they were first engaged and a picture of them now.  Happy 50th mom and dad! I love you!

That’s all for this update. Stay tuned, more art to come next week!


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