Happy Halloween from the Chateau de Nom Nom!

I know I know… I’ve been absent.  I’m a bad, bad blogger *hangs head in shame* But I have a good excuse!  Okay, the excuse is only good for me, I’ll admit that.

First, Great Western War totally snuck up on me and my husband. Seriously.  One Monday night we were sitting, watching TV, totally chilling, then suddenly Max jumped up and shouted “AAAH! We have war coming up!”

Thus the panicked packing frenzy ensued.

A panicked packing frenzy that once again, didn’t include my camera. *headdesk*.  At least I’m consistent!

Regardless of that, we had a wonderful time! It was full of friends, good food, amazing garb, and yes, I even managed to slip some belly dancing in there! SCORE! A good time was had by all.


I have a quick blog update over at Costumed Nonsense about various Halloween projects I’m working on, including clown costumes for the nephews and the beginnings of my Persephone Halloween costume as well.

You can check it out here.

As for the rest, Well, The Chateau de Nom Nom is in full Halloween swing.


Yup, I raided the 99cent store again this year. And the Chateau de Nom Nom is now all decked out in its annual orange and black…and other various colors… in a celebration of my favorite time of the year.

Last year, the front of the Chateau wasn’t very festive. I lacked money and time. This year, I snagged a few things from the 99cent store as well as Michael’s and Big Lots to have a bit more of a “spooky” showing.

My awesome silly wind socks.

The three light up trees come from Big Lots and the spider fencing is from the 99cent store. I kinda love the fence, almost enough to keep it up all year.

This sign came from Michael’s crafts. I’m tempted to also keep this up year round, or at least hang it up inside in our livingroom.

It’s not really a Halloween Decor, but our year round gnome nappers fit into the decor well.

Inside is more cut out fun! here’s our dining area and our fireplace.

Our entry way. I love my paper chandeliers! That is indeed a Squishable Cthulhu. He sits there year round.

Yes, I had to make the fish festive as well. Heres our fish tank and DVD shelf full of potion bottles and spooky toys.

I am totally stoked for our upcoming Halloween Party. And this weekend is going to be a doozy.

Mr Max is indulging me (yet again) and we’re heading back to Disneyland for our four-year anniversary this weekend. We will be attending Mickey’s Halloween Party and I’ll admit it, I’m all excited about it! Also, after a day of rest from the Disney hangover, my friend Schellen and I will be running in the Run For Your Lives 5k as well. I’m both nervous as all get out for this as well as excited like a kid on Christmas eve. We have been doing 5k training for a long while now, so hopefully we stand a bit of a chance. Regardless, I am crossing that finish line alive, dead, or undead! Many photos of my humiliation to come.

And just so you know I’m not slacking, here’s some works in progress commission pieces that will be done soon:

Half inked rough of Candace’s D&D Characters: Onuwen, Empress of the Known Universe and her favorite Husband, Asmodeus.

A rough sketch of Fox and Titania from Disney’s Gargoyles having a mother/daughter reconciliation. For Patrick.

Another rough sketch for Patrick. Elisa Maza and Matt Bluestone from Disney’s Gargoyles in Steampunk gear.

The finished versions will be coming soon! Thanks for your patience, folks!

Next update will be full of Disney photos and pictures of me after the zombie apocalypse. Until then, Cheers!

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