Disneyland Halloween Awesomeness!

Its been a week.  A crazy insane week full of complete awesome!

October is always my favorite month. Autumn begins, Halloween approaches, and of course my anniversary with Mr. Max (four years now!). Once again, Mr. Max indulged the Disneyphile in me and treated us to a fun weekend at Disneyland! WOO!

First things first. Pics of me and Mr. Max all decked out in costume at the big D-land can be found on my costume blog, Costumed Nonsense.

You can check out the entry and photos right here.

Honestly, its worth the click just to see Max driving an Autopia car in a fez.
As usual, my Disneyland posts are extremely image heavy. I kinda like snapping photos of random things. So for your blogging convenience, just proceed after the cut to get the full report!

Remain Seated Please…Permanecer Sentados Por Favor.

I absolutely love the park when its Halloween. The decor is adorable and the weather is near perfect… Okay granted, we here in Southern California are going through a weird heat wave this particular October but it still hasn’t taken away the fun!

We left for D-land mid afternoon on Thursday so we could have a fun laid back evening when we got there. We stayed at the Paradise Pier Hotel, The third Disneyland Resort Hotel and absolutely loved it.

Comfy rooms, great staff, and I highly recommend getting the concierge service with the room. It’s a cheap perk that provides a continental style breakfast, snacks throughout the day, and a wine and cheese service in evening all in a really nice little lounge area.

…And complementary Rice Crispy treas delivered to your room.


Before dinner, we hit the park to catch a few rides before the park closed. The new Star Tours is actually pretty awesome!

What’s a Disneyland trip for Cindy and Max with out the obligatory “Look! We found the bar!” post. We stumbled upon Trader Sam’s this trip and absolutely loved it. Its Tiki Room themed and just all around fun.

Oh… and everything has rum in it.

And you get to take home some of the glasses.

You can find Trader Sam’s at the main Disneyland Hotel. Its pretty easy to spot. Look for tiki torches and then head inside the big wooden doors for the actual bar.

The next day we ended up spending some time over at Tom Sawyer Island, which is now Pirate’s Lair. I haven’t visited there for a long while so it was fun to go back! Funny enough, we discovered some good friends of ours, Seth and Sammy, were visiting the park the same day as we were! So we had some fun hanging out…

…and wearing matching shirts. No, this was not planned.


Pirate’s Lair appreciation photos. Click to enlarge.

And Seth found the treasure!

After our adventures with pirates, we bid our farewells to Seth and Sammy and headed over to California Adventure for our traditional lunch of lobster nachos over at Ariel’s Grotto.  They started doing really fun fountain shows in the lagoon every couple of hours. Kinda reminded me of Vegas.

And now, another edition of “My Husband In Stupid Hats.”

I really don’t know how he put up with me for four years. I really don’t.

We headed over to the new CarsLand in DCA which was pretty spiffy. Max hadn’t seen it before and I never got a good long look at it last time I was there. We stood in live for the Radiator Springs Racers, it was a cute ride but I’m not sure I’d wait over an hour for it again.  I’m sure my nephews would flip over it though!

Hidden Mickey!

Toy Story Midway Mania in DCA is Max’s favorite ride. Here are our scores from this last round. Our prizes made me laugh hard. I’m not going to say why.

For our anniversary we like to go out for a nice sit down meal somewhere in the park or in Downtown Disney. This year we tried Catal, which is Spanish/Mediterranean cuisine. The food here is outstanding. I had the suckling pig and Max had an amazing veal dish. Catal is in Downtown Disney and should be checked out if you want a good fancy shmancy dinner.

After dinner we changed into our Halloween Costumes. Because it was time for Mickey’s Halloween Party!

It was my first time trying the Halloween Party and I have to say I was not disappointed. The entertainment was great, the whole Trick or Treating through the park was adorable, and the lines for the rides were pretty dang short. Worth the money if you’re an annual pass holder, I’d say. But honestly, I was just enchanted that I got to put on a costume in the park and walk around.

Cast members working one of the Trick or Treat stations. I love their costumes and covet that bat fabric.

Because everything is better with pirates.

Dance Party in Tomorrowland!

And of course, Mickey and Minnie were out in costume as well.

Overall it was a wonderful anniversary for both of us.

While I would say I’ll  be giving another report on Disneyland in February or next October, this may not be the case in 2013. Since Mr. Max and I are coming upon our five year anniversary, we will be saving up money to hit Disneyworld in Orlando next year. I am extremely excited since technically I never really went (Unless you count two hours one afternoon when I was in the area). We plan to go with our good friends Mark and Ty and have a week-long anniversary since they also were married in October. Very excited!

The antics are not over yet! I will be posting soon about my experience with Run For Your Lives. Much hilarity is in store.


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