Happy Holidays from Original Cin!


Hello All! Sorry once again about the silence. Things over here get pretty hectic during the holiday season.


One of the reasons for the lack of posts was because I spent most of November participating in NaNoWriNo for the first time! Not only participated but I also made it to the 50,000 word count and met the goal !I really enjoyed my time writing and I think I’ll be trying my hand at it more often. To all my friends who dabble in writing and have toyed with the idea of trying this (You know who you are!) I highly recommend it. Its rather liberating!

If anyone is interested in seeing some of my short stories and articles I’ve been working on, please let me know and I’d be happy to share a few here on the blog.  I kind of love to share my insanity. But I’m assuming that if you read this blog, you’ve already figured that one out.

The rest of my time has been taken up by the crazy holidays

IMG_0498and other wacky activities  such as the Run For Your Lives 5k in October. It was a crazy time full of mud, obstacles, and of course zombies… Lots and lots of zombies. Its been three months and I still get sore just thinking about it!

Here’s a pic of my friend Schellen and I after our run. I’ll be posting a separate article on this probably next update. Oh I have stories to tell! So many stories to tell!

wpid-IMAG0019_1.jpgAlso, Commission News!

In the upcoming 2013, if you watch Original Cin on Facebook, I’ll be  trying something to keep me on my arty toes.

Throughout the new year, I’ll be offering discounted art commissions!  The catch is, I will only be opening four to five slots at a time and these will ONLY be announced on the Facebook page. Once the slots are filled, they’re filled and the next round will be another sneak attack!

 So if you’re wanting in, join the Facebook Page!

By the way, yes, that is our Christmas Tree. Yes, that is a Castiel Angel on top, made by my friend Jen… Yes, I may be getting a little into Supernatural. I’m not OVER the brink yet but teetering close.

And that’s about it for this Holiday post! I’ll be back soon with some sketches and costume weirdness soon… yeah, the same ol’ same ol’ around here.

Until then, thank you all for reading, looking, and hopefully enjoying and I hope you all have a happy Holiday!

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