I Survived Steampunk Symposium!


553189_546665592025438_1478372153_nAlas, I’ve been too tired to post an update right away. Shame on me! Well, no time like the present, eh? Hello all who grabbed my business card! Nice too see you again!

Colleen and I really had a BLAST this year. If you check out her blog at Wyng’d Lyon Creations, she really does a great job giving a good blow-by-blow of our weekend…plus a few mildly embarrassing photos of yours truly…ahem.


ANYWAYS, the weekend was a complete blast! A HUGE thank you to Colleen as usual, for letting me take up space in her booth for the con as well as being excellent company. Symposium is always a great time for us ladies. Hopefully, if all goes right with the world, it will also become a tradition for us as well.

IMG_0794As with every con I attend, there is usually some sort of crazy costuming happening. What can I say? I’m a creature of habit.

If you head on over to Costumed Nonsense, you can find all the pictures Colleen and I took of our Steampunk attire there. It really was a grand time using The Queen Mary as a backdrop. Definitely an ideal spot for costume photos. I’m hoping next year to drag along some of my costumer friends along just for the photo shoots.  You can check out the photos here.

I didn’t get as many photos as I was hoping, mainly because I was busy doing booth duties, but I did snap a few pretties of the con!


This year, they moved the vendors to the Promenade deck. We were lucky to have this amazingly beautiful ball room as our second home.


Here we are, set up and in our Airship Pirate gear. Colleen and I are slowly putting together our personas for these costumes. So far I have a name for mine. First Mate, Zehara McGuinness… don’t ask. I was punch drunk when I came up with it. But I am sticking to it!

I was open to commissions during the weekend and I was amused by the sign Colleen and I put up. Since we’re both redheads, we had to make sure they knew which redhead was the one drawing:

739682_546204485404882_2079395180_oThat summed it up nicely, I thought.

Just, FYI, if you ever see me vending with Wyng’d Lyon, there’s a dang good chance I’m taking at least sketch commissions. Feel free to ask me if you’re interested!

The one event we had time to attend was the masquerade ball. And it was a blast! A great way to unwind from a full day of vending and just enjoy the con.


First and foremost though, I got to experience Lee Presson and the Nails for the first time.

IMG_0792Where have you been all my life, you amazing tiny man?!

I have been a lover of swing and rock-a-billy for a while now. I’m not hard-core but I’ve always casually enjoyed the genre. Believe me when I say these guys are FANTASTIC. Great sound, great performance, just all around great. And I found out they are from the Bay Area, my old stomping grounds. It makes me love them more. I really hope they find their way down to San Diego sometime. I will totally be on board with catching them in concert.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to wander the con to take photos of costumes. And there were quite a few wonderful ones. Here are the only two I managed to snag. But they are quite lovely.



I would make the promise that I will take more photos of costumes next con but we all know that’s not true. I’m a slacker.

So there you have it! As I mentioned earlier, I’m cutting back on my travels this year to save up money. So at this rate, my next con will be Gaslight Gathering in May. I’ll either be dancing again or helping Colleen on the vending front. Either way, I shall be there.

And I will soon have fresh new art to post next week!

ALSO, if you’re interested in commissioning me, be sure to follow the Facebook page! I will be announcing when I’m open for commission work there. I will only be opening 5 slots at a time so be sure to keep an eye out!

Until next time, CHEERS!

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