Dr. Sketchy’s Rises Again!

Its been a long while since I’ve gone to a Dr. Sketchy’s session. (And its been a long while since I updated, I know *hangs head in shame*). But I managed to catch a session in January and it was a BLAST!

This round the theme “Averted Mayan Apocalypse” with Lady Borgia and Remele Sparks of Keyhole Cabaret.

We had two amazingly gorgeous and viciously curvaceous models who gave us some awesome poses to draw. Here are the results:


10 minute pose. This one is my favorite.


10 Minute Pose.


Another 10 minute pose.

I’m hoping to catch another session in March! If not, there’s always April!

I will return soon with finished commission work! Thank you all who took in my first round of offers! For those of you who want to commission me, I will be announcing when I’m open on the Facebook page. So feel free to join if you want a chance at a slot.

Soon to come:

  • More artwork!
  • Costumes that are in progress!
  • ComicCon items I’m working on!
  • The elusive doll house post!
  • Mischief!
  • Mayhem!

Until next week!

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