Happy April!

Once again, I’ve been way too quiet around here. But I’m back with stuff to show! Thanks for sticking with me, all. :)

I’m on round two of commissions and going strong! If you’re interested in a commission, you can join my Facebook page to snag yourself one!  I open commissions every couple of months.

SO many things have been going on lately and SO many pictures were taken! But first, lets start with a bit of artwork, shall we?

morgconlMy last commission from my first round. For Kandice, Her original Harry Potter character Morgana and her beau, Conall.

And here’s a few W.I.Ps for the next round! Forgive the lousy phone camera pics, I haven’t gotten to my scanner yet this week.


For Patrick. He wanted his Original Character, Andrea dressed as Danyeres from Game of Thrones and Demona from Disney’s Gargoyles as her dragon.

IMAG0200Half inked, I still need to put some details together for this one but here’s a commission for a fellow SCAdian of him and his lovely wife as their personas.


Still in sketch phase but here’s one for my friend Katie. A portrait of her based around the poem ‘Alone’ by Edgar Alan Poe.

Finished art will be soon to come! So much coloring is in my future! Until then, check out some photos of the wacky activities I’ve been up to.

In my last post, I mentioned how my friend Ace and I were modeling for Dr. Sketchy’s. Well the entire experience was a total blast! Everyone at the San Diego branch were extremely nice and I can’t wait to go back and model again! My friend Jen managed to snap a few photos on my camera phone for me of our crazy antics. Since the theme was St. Patrick’s Day I dressed as a leprechaun and Ace dressed as St. “Patricia”.

ResizedImage951363497999617 ResizedImage951363497875972 ResizedImage951363498023311 ResizedImage9513634979554802013-03-169514-53-5595698

Thanks everyone who came out to sketch! And if you have some sketches of us I’d LOVE to see them and even post them on the blog if you’d let me! So feel free to drop me a line at edengarg (at) hotmail.com if you’d like!

Also, I just recently finished the Run or Dye 5k in San Diego at Qualcomm stadium. Talk about an awesome time! Run or Dye is a fun run where the folks involved throw powered dye, very much  inspired by the Holi festival in India. Its messy and crazy but SO much fun! Here’s a few examples!


IMAG0193 IMAG0189_1

So there we go, busy busy but having a ball! I will be updating again soon with colored commissions and probably more antics so stay tuned! :)

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