A Surprise Visit to Wild West Fest!

It was a last-minute trip but one that was completely worth the last-minute planning!


Colleen from Wyng’d Lyon Creations and I hit Wild West Fest over at the Calico Ghost Town in San Bernardino county.  It was a one day event celebrating steampunk in an old western setting. And considering my favorite sub-genre of steampunk is Wild West, I was completely at home!


The Wyng’d Lyon booth had plenty of room and plenty of people coming by. If you were one of the folks who came in for a chat, thanks so much! We both really enjoyed the people who came as well as the atmosphere!

IMAG0224 IMAG0225

I even had a couple bites for on the spot commissions! I love doing steampunk portrait works and always enjoy doing some quicky black and white pieces for people who come by the booth. Here are the two that I did at the fest:


I really should have caught this gentleman’s name. His steampunk garb was fantastic! I did not do it any justice I assure you. Very talented guy.


And this lady was positively adorable. She saw an earlier piece I was working on with a dragon and really wanted a dragon on her shoulder as well.


Since it was all Western themed, I had to haul out the Annabelle Leigh Langley costume. It fit so well with the scenery. Colleen had herself a fabulous wild west outfit as well.


Tah Dah!

To all those who I met at Wild West Fest, thank you for dropping by! I truly loved my time there and every person I met was fantastic and sweet as pie!  We can’t wait to come back!

Coming up next? Colleen and I will be hitting Gaslight Gathering in San Diego. More artwork and insanity to come!

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