Gaslight Gathering ReCap AT LAST.

Hello All!

I apologise for the long bout of silence here on my blog. Long story short; there are some serious family matters that are in need of my immediate attention. And well, family always comes before blogging. So my artistic life has been a bit on hold for a while until things settle down.
And unfortunately for this last round of commissions, there was a tragic accident involving my purse, an open bottle of water, and my sketch book full of already colored works. So if you were a part of this latest round of colored pieces, I’m afraid you may have to wait a teeny bit longer… because I have to start them all over from scratch.
I’m so sorry. Thank you very much for being so patient. If any of you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at egengarg (at) :)

GGSat2013-740I have a short costume recap on Costumed Nonsense with photos of my Fortune Telling Fish Woman. Ace and I had a blast playing “Sea Hags” and traveling table to table telling fortunes to attendees of the Steampunk Tea. You can find the article here.

So, on with the recap!

575517_599451676746829_1155542767_nThe Ladies of Wyng’d Lyon: Andee, Colleen, and me.

It was another fantastic Gaslight Gathering with Wyng’d Lyon Creations!  The best part about this years Gaslight is I managed to visit all three days instead of just two! Colleen and I were joined by Andee from Twylite Creations. She does amazing paper quilling items like pins, earrings, fans, and other amazing things that blow my mind to pieces. She offered to teach me, but I need another hobby like I need a hole in the head. It took a tremendous amount of will power to say no. So instead she made me an adorable paper quilled Octopus pin in my favorite colors of Blue and Orange. Thank you Andee!

Check out Andee’s amazing work at Twylite Creations!

As usual, Gaslight has proven to be one of my all time favorite shows to work at. Here are a few photos of the awesome vending time we three ladies had!

428658_599564316735565_1367174562_nDay 1 of Vending! All of us looking spiffy!

310073_599498060075524_602949887_nOur booth in all its wonder!

935087_599500596741937_1641201920_nOur friend Dan makes fantastic steampunk weapons. This one was my favorite.

931430_599564726735524_1514384146_n (1)Ace dropped in all cowgirled out to visit us…

942763_599565043402159_436604794_n…And create SCANDAL!

179449_512832105420691_251601045_nWe’re a good looking bunch of laaaaaaadies. Photo by No Blondes! Photography.

And there is our quick recap of Gaslight told through the magic of photography.  As usual, I have some shout out to some awesome vendors:

Next update should come in another week or so when I have all the destroyed commissions restored.

Cheers everyone!

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