What’s Cookin’ for ComicCon?

I’ve been posting a few cryptic things over on the facebook page as I prep for San Diego Comic Con. Of course I’ll have my usual variety of prints, postcards, and clips available, but I wanted something more along the lines of SDCC to offer. So I’ve been experimenting with some things. The main one being, Shrinky-Dinks.


Shrinky -Dinks.

I used to love Shrinky-Dinks when I was a kid, even though I never got them to turn out right. But thanks to some help from my friend Jen, I have unlocked the secret to getting the dang little buggers to work!


My first experiment success! Mr. Happy Mouth shares my glee.

Once the secret was unlocked (by the way, the secret is not being an impatient cretin, like myself), I started in on my designs. My goal here is to make some adorable geek icon earrings for us ladies who want to show off our nerd-ity in STYLE.


A few designs, pre shrinked and dinked.

Above are only a few of the designs I’ll have available: The Dark Mark, The Death Hollows, Thor’s Hammer, The Flash, and the Arc Reactor. I will also have Captain America’s Shield, Sam and Dean’s tattoo from Supernatural, Green Lantern, and of course Cthulu.


Seriously, watching this happen is hypnotic.

If you have any requests, please drop me a comment here or on the FB page!  With only two weeks before con, now is definitely time to do it!  Also, if you’re not planning on being at SDCC and want a pair, let me know and you can order via online. Of course, they will be making an appearance on my etsy store as well.


Tiny marks of evil!

I’ve been having a total blast making these things! I really believe I’m addicted to Shrinky-Dinks now. I just want to keep sketching things on the paper and watch then curl up and shrink. It makes me feel like a kid again… It also makes me feel like I made be in need of therapy.


My love of tiny things continue into my crafts.

So come find me at SDCC in two more weeks! (two more weeks? OMG!) Our booth number is #4419 under the name Marta de Costa, a fellow artist who spear-headed this booth and is sculpting adorable Cute-thulu figurines for sale!

We will be located across from the FOX booth and will look like a crazed troll market. Oh us artsy folks. ;)

Hope to see you there!

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