More Updates!

IMAG0324_1_1Labyrinth Ball came and went.

And what a ride it was!

I had a fabulous weekend with my lady friends and took tons of pictures! To catch up with my Labyrinth Ball antics, check out Costumed Nonsense to see photos of great friends and wonderful costumes!

As I’ve been saying (ad nauseam,  I’m sure) I’ll vending be at San Diego Comic Con for the first time ever. Can you tell I’m excited? Because I am!

You will be able to find me, Jennifer Anderson, Marta de Costa, Colleen Rodriguez, and Daisy Edwards at booth #4419 near Fox media. Come by and say hello!

Here’s another sneak peek at what will be at SDCC.


IMAG0335Hot. Shrinky-Dink. Action!

Seriously. They were hot. I burned my fingers more than once.


 I love how the Supernatural ones turned out!

My friend Jen and I think they should be called Geeky-Dinks. I’m considering this.


I will also have some new hair falls and retro clips available as well. Here’s a sample of the few I’ve started on.

And of course, prints and postcards will be available!

Below are the pieces that will be available as prints:


And the following pieces will be available as postcards:

wealthylady nefariouslady  exoticlady authoritylady

hentaithululadycthulu lordcthululolitacthuhulu

If you have a particular piece you would like to have as a print, please feel free to drop me a line on the Facebook page or here in the comments section.

Hope to see you at SDCC! :)

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