Its the final Count DOOOOOOOOWN!

Do Dee Doo Dooooo!

Do Dee Doot Doot Doooo!

Okay, only a handful of you will get that, I’m sure.

But here I am in the final stages of getting my act together for San Diego Comic Con International!

So drop on by Booth #4419 under the name Marta de Costa. I, Marta, Jennifer Anderson, Colleen Rodriguez (From my home away from home, Wyng’d Lyon :) ), and Daisy Edwards will all have lots of fun art and crafts to browse through! Come drop in and say hi! We won’t fuss if you buy something, either.;)


Lots of prints are packed and ready to roll!


The tree of nerdity!


And my original art necklaces. So far I only have two styles, but if you want one of my other prints as a charm, please let me know. I will be able to fill orders out while I’m at con.:)


And my retro flower clips and tribal hair falls with be there too!

We’ll be across from FOX with a wacky banner that says Troll Market. Hope to see you all there!


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