I’m a bad, bad, BAD, blogger.

It took me almost a month to get my SDCC wrap up online! YEESH! In my defence, I did catch a nasty bout of con crud after con which hung on for a week. Then I fell right in the GISHWHES (next week’s post will be about that awesome insanity:)). But now I have five seconds of time to put up a nice recap of my antics.

First of all, I wanted to thank Marta de Costa for letting me hitch a ride on her booth. I would not have been able to be there without her. Marta, you are amazing!

So without further ado…

Jen and I got started bright and sorta early on Wednesday, meeting for pancakes with our dear friends, and fellow SDCC pals, Seth and Sammy.


Also pictured is Jen’s daughter, Sydney. It was her second SDCC and it was so much fun watching her geek out at the con. She had a blast!


Here we are, frantically setting up our Troll Market on Preview Night. Okay, maybe it wasn’t frantic. We actually were leisurely setting up our Troll Market since we didn’t have too much to rig.


Here’s my little corner of our market. Thanks to everyone who popped by to pick up some goodies. My Geeky-Dink earrings were quite the hit at con! You can find them also on my etsy store.


Here’s Jen’s corner. Her Castiel Tree toppers were the hit of the booth! Seriously, they are adorable. She’s currently making a Gabriel one for me…because I loves the trickers. ;) You can pick up a tree topper at her Etsy store, The Other Side of Luck.


Daisy Edwards’s part of the booth. Her artwork is adorable! I especially love her pin-up heroes. Check out the SnakeEyes one!  Find more of her work here!



Marta appreciation post. Here are some of her incredibly Cute-thulu’s she sculpted for con. Seriously, these are amazing! The detail  is mind blowing!!


Marta can rock the swag, yo. took over Dick’s Last Resort this year. They had the whole place decked out with old school video game decor. Here’s Sammy, Marta, and Greg Weisman for our annual “hanging out for dinner” night.

IMAG0367 IMAG0368

OMG! Giant video game console! Hilarious entertainment ensued.


So this guy gave me a free T-shirt. Actually, the T-shirt fell on me. I was sitting on the floor waiting for our table and a t-shirt landed on my head. But since it was a promotion, he had me take a photo of him and stick it up on Instagram and I got to keep the T-shirt. WOO! free T-shirt!

Later on he gave me some wind up chattering teeth… not sure what that was all about, really.


Thanks to my new awesome friend (and author) Tamela Burke, my husband Max and I scored tickets to see the Serenity screening, hosted by Nathan Fillion! They screened the film in Petco Park and we got to sit out on the field and watch. It was a great event!

So, half way through con, I twittered that if you dropped by the booth in costume, I’d happily take your photo and post it on the blog. Well, TONS of people dropped by in costume! Granted, I’m sure many of them didn’t read the tweet, but still! So many wonderful cosplayers and amazing costumes! I had to group them all here since I had so many. Thank you for letting me take your photo and post it on my blog!

Next update will be some quickie sketches as well as my adventures in GISHWHES.

Until then, cheers!

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