I return!

Faster! Stronger! Better!

…Okay, maybe not.

But I am back! I apologise for the long month absence. October was a crazy busy month with work, Halloween, my five-year anniversary with Max and best of all, DISNEY WORLD!!!

IMAG0624Photographic Proof!

Yup! After years of  I finally made it to Disney World. Believe me when I say that this was my dream vacation since I was eight years IMAG0577old. Max and I traveled to the Happiest Place on Earth with our two dear friends Mark and Ty and spend an entire week visiting all the Disney parks in Orlando.  Max and I scrimped and saved for the whole year for this. I got to admit it was worth every dinner out we missed, and SCA event we decided to save gas on. (No offence to my favorite hobby in the whole world!

And I have to admit, after experiencing it, I am now a complete EPCOT addict. Seriously. The science pavilions, the world pavilions, the food. OH GOD THE FOOD! We were lucky to have visited during EPCOT’s annual Food and Wine Festival. If you IMAG0717ever get a chance to visit during that time, go! If you love food, its worth it. Just make sure you have a lot of cash on you because its pretty easy to get carried away with all the Noms being tossed in your direction.

I have tons of photos. And when I say tons, I mean TONS. Seriously. It would probably take five separate blog entries to post them all. I rather not completely bore you with my vacation photos so no worries about an epic Disney photo dump anytime soon. But if you all WANT to see them, well far be it from me to not post. Just drop me a line if the need strikes you.

So thank you so much to my amazing hubby, Maxwell Adam Diamond for helping me take my dream vacation. You went above and beyond to make this tIMAG0688he most amazing trip I ever took with you.   And thank you Mark and Ty for not only joining us on that amazing week, but for also being our guides! Mark, is a bit of a Disney World expert. Thank God for that, because without his navigation skills I probably would have never even made it out of the airport terminal.

Aaaaanyways, despite my touring through the kingdom of the mouse, I have been doing an epic amount of writing as well as art-ing.  As some of you may (or may not. Probably may not) know,  I’ve been working on breaking into romance writing. Its new territory for me, but so far its been extremely fulfilling and a new challenge. I recently finished my first draft of my first book, Siren’s Song. It will be the first in a paranormal series I’m writing. Right now I’m in the clean up phase. But its moving along!

And I actually DO have art to post today! Who knew?  I have tons of Works in Progressed I still have yet to scan, but those will be coming next week. I also will be participating in a December drawing challenge this year. So keep an eye out for posts on that wackiness.

On with the show!


For our Leif Erikson tourney, I was asked to donate artwork as prizes for our winning fighters. This was really a fun project to play with. I found some great references to pull from as well!  These two gentlemen were the winning prizes for Unarmored combat and Heavy Combat.  They were my favorites.


And while we’re still on the SCA kick, our baronial newsletter had a contest to design its new mast-head. This was my venture. It didn’t win but considering how gorgeous the winner was? I’m perfectly fine with that.


I finished this one a while back but never had a moment to post it. This is a commission piece for my friend Christine. She asked for a piece of her and her adorable husband. I love drawing Christine’s wonderful smile.

And a little NSFW cheesecake pin-up under the cut. ;)

A commission for my friend Patrick, of his two ladies, Jezabella and Andrea. I really had a blast doing all the detail work on this.  If I had more time (and patience) I would have added even more. Well, maybe next time.

My next entry will be brimming with…well..unfinished stuff. But stuff none the less!

Cheers, All!


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