Sketches, Sketches, and MORE Sketches!

Its been far too long since I did some leisurely sketching for myself. And over the last month, I managed to get a few in. GO ME!

Trust me, with my schedule, this is no easy feat. It felt good to revisit some older characters and play with my pencils again.

So with no more fanfare…


I mostly worked on just straight up character costume sketches. This one if of my character, Cassia from a Greek/Roman themed RPG.

img147And my friend Doug’s character Pankratios from the same RPG.


As some of you may know, I’m beginning my adventures as a Romance writer. And being the big nerd that I am, I not only write Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance, I have to sketch my characters too.

These are the two main characters in the book I’m currently working on, Siren’s Song. Jack, the dragon and Adelle Constance, a half blood siren.

img149 img148


And then my inspiration took a ride on the Way-Back Machine…

Much to my surprise, I was named Gargoyles Fan of the Week over at Gargoyles Reawakening. WOO! I was deeply honored since the Gargoyles fandom holds a deep place in my heart.  So in a fit of nostalgia, I sketched up Link and Eden in between commissions at Steampunk Symposium.

img150 img151 img152

It was so much fun revisiting these two. I really need to do some more old characters. Oh, and Link belongs to my oldest internet friend Jeff a.k.a The J-man. :)

And that’s my sketch dump for the week! Next update I’ll be giving a sneak peek of the new print series I’m working on.

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