So…Much… Catch up! Sketch dumps!


Its been forever! And I feel awful about that. Work, combined with a busy con schedule, combined with working on my first novel (and writing the second one) makes for a busy, busy Cindy. OYE!

So here I am with a massive art dump!  Since my last update I hit two other Steampunk cons with Colleen of Wyng’d Lyon Creations: Wild Wild West Con in Tucson, AZ and Gaslight Gathering in my home turf of San Diego. I was also at ConDor in San Diego Ca as well!

I want to give a big thank you two all those who have commissioned me at the Wyng’d Lyon booth. You all have kept my drawing hand mighty busy at conventions which is exactly how I like it! I truly appreciate not only you taking the time to commission me but for also being so very nice and fun to talk too. I always love the people I meet on my travels.

So without further ado: Heres my commission sketch dump!

A couple of commissions from ConDor. A gentleman asked me to sketch Anna and Elsa from frozen as mermaids. I couldn’t pass that up!

wpid-imag0992_1.jpg wpid-imag0993_1.jpg

At Wild Wild West Con I had tons of awesome Steampunks ask for sketches of their personas. doing these busts are some of my favorite commissions to do at cons. Please don’t ever be shy in asking for a sketch of yourself!

wpid-imag0964.jpg wpid-imag0978.jpg wpid-imag0979.jpg wpid-imag0982.jpg

And last, but certainly not least, Gaslight Gathering, my favorite steampunk con of all! I also entered the art show with four full color pieces. I will be scanning and uploading those for next week!

wpid-wp-1401740397808.jpeg wpid-wp-1401740388145.jpegwpid-wp-1401740378848.jpeg wpid-wp-1401740327274.jpeg


Once again, thank you everyone for not only your patience for my uploading all these sketches, but for seeking me out at cons! You’ve made this year a lot of fun for me!

I’ll be back in another week or two with some full color works as well as information on my upcoming novels!

Until then, cheers!

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