All About Cins

OOoh boy..I’m horrific at these things.


I’ve never been one to be able to sit down and describe myself to a T.  I am a jack of all trades and a master of none. I like to dabble a lot in just about everything creative (Sketching, Painting, Sewing, Crafting, etc.) My first love was the theater. I was an actor for many years of my life until I found myself burning out sometime in college.  So I switched gears and went into costume design.  It combined my two favorite things;  sketching and theater. I ended up getting my Masters of Fine Arts in Design at San Diego State and worked as a freelance costume designer for a little over two years in San Diego.

After that, I decided I rather devote my skills to my own projects and enjoyment. So I stepped away from the theater. I now work for the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego and I absolutely adore it. In my spare time I have been studying historical costuming, sketching, and now I have an obsession with doll houses.

I am happily married to a big dork of a SCA pirate named Max. I’ve become an SCA geek and so far dabble in illumination, costuming, middle eastern studies, and other craziness.  I have SCA ADD so I’m sure I’ll end up doing something else…four times over.

I enjoy making people laugh. It one of my favorite pass times. I love costume dramas, horror films, zombies, steampunk, pirates, historical costumes, RPG games,  Indiana Jones, bright colors, and LUSH.

I am in my thirties but I honestly don’t feel like I have left my twenties yet. There’s still so much to learn!